Respecting the human, nature and good KIKS  has been our slogan since we started at 2003, but what does it mean? To put it in one word, it means sustainability.

Here is how we make it sustainable:

1) by using only upcycled and leftover materials: one person’s waste is a treasure for another. Piece-by-piece production means that we can also use end-of-rolls, seconds or pieces too small for industrial production

2) by making as little cutting waste as possible and finding new ways to use the scraps

3) by producing made-to-order: no stocks, no waste of materials and labour

4) by signing out of the exploiting fashion system that encourages us to constantly produce, consume and “need” new things and instead designing timeless, unique styles that last

5) by sourcing our materials and producing locally: this means smaller logistic footprint

6) by supporting gender-freedom, bodypositiveness and self-expression by making unisex styles, customized sizes and customized colour combos

7) by listening to our customers closely and improving our collection based on your feedback

8) by using recycled fibres/fabrics, post-consumer waste and zero-waste pattern design. Actually we started 2003 with 100% post-consumer waste! Atm these only apply to a small part of our collection – hopefully we’ll make it bigger in the future

9) by caring and repairing our products

( 10) by donating a small part of the sales for causes we find good and important: we haven’t done much of this yet, but would like to do more in the future!)

Our model is one attempt to combine the ethical, ecological and economical. It’s a result of 15 years of trial and error and by no means final: it can and will be shaped by new innovations and personal learning!