Comfort Zone, that feel-good place where you are yourself to the fullest. To find your comfort zone is to find your home, a place you can always return to from wherever you may roam. Clothes play a very important role in building your comfort zone: even when you don’t pay any attention to it, your body tells you if it’s positive or negative. Clothes can also act as a bridge between your comfort zone and the outside world with its scary yet rewarding challenges. In practise it means cuts to make you feel and look good, high-quality materials to shelter you as well as production values you can fully endorse.

The Comfort Zone theme manifests KIKS’ ecological, ethical and economical ideology: don’t cross the brook for water, first reach for the reachable, upcycle materials and ideas, keep your good habits, appreciate here and now and most of all, make yourself comfortable wherever you go.

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